ASU Space Student Ambassadors

The ASU Space Student Ambassador Program is a competitive ASU undergraduate leadership and professional development program for the next generation of space sector leaders.

ASU Space Student Ambassadors are part of a tight-knit, interdisciplinary group of current ASU undergraduates who represent ASU Space to fellow students, faculty, staff, external organizations, and industry partners.

How do I apply?

Applications open in the spring, get notified of the open application by subscribing to the ASU Space Student Mailing List.

Why join?

As an ASU Space Student Ambassador, you’ll get to:

  • Serve as a representative of ASU Space to your classmates and peers
  • Attend exclusive space-related events, programs, and conferences
  • Learn about diverse and emerging space-related fields and career paths
  • Complete projects to develop and hone your professional and leadership skills
  • Network with space sector thought-leaders
  • Build professional relationships in the space industry
  • Influence the future of ASU Space


In order to be eligible to be a ASU Space Student Ambassador, you must:

  • Be enrolled as an ASU undergraduate student at Tempe, Downtown, Polytechnic, or West campus
  • Be in your 3rd, 4th, or 5th+ year at ASU (not based on total credit) as of Fall 2024
  • Be in good academic standing
  • Demonstrate interest in pursuing a career in the space sector broadly

Meet the 23-24 ASU Space Student Ambassadors

Berkeley Adair

Aerospace Engineering, B.S.E.

Lucas Barduson

Aerospace Engineering, B.S.E.

Imron Bouley

Aerospace Engineering, B.S.E.

Tasha Coelho

Earth and Space Exploration, B.S.

Victoria DeFazio

Astrophysics, B.S.

Taylor Foster

Human Systems Engineering, B.S.

Arpit Gaba

Aerospace Engineering, B.S.

Elizabeth Garayzar

Technological Leadership, B.S. and Geographic Information Science, B.S.

Sean-Michael Hall

Robotics Engineering, B.S.E.

Wren Heiligenstein

Astrophysics, B.S.

Julian Klein

Political Science, B.A. and History, B.A.

Matthew Marquez

Technological Leadership, B.S.

Gabriella Nakleh

Aerospace Engineering, B.S.E.

Rafael Ortiz

Astrophysics, B.S.

Celina Taramasco

Mechanical Engineering Systems, B.S.E.

Elliot Weaver

Mechanical Engineering, B.S.E.

Kylie Wetnight

Business (Global Politics), B.A.


As an ASU Space Student Ambassador, it is expected that you:

  • Attend weekly in-person meetings on Mondays from 3–4pm.
  • Commit at least 10 hours per month to Ambassador-related work.
  • Collaborate on strategies to get more ASU students involved in the future of space.
  • Promote relevant ASU Space events and opportunities to your peer networks.
  • Represent ASU Space at a minimum of three events per semester.
  • Participate in cohort projects, as assigned.

Applications open every March for the next academic year’s cohort of Ambassadors.

Yes, all current ASU Space Student Ambassadors who remain eligible can reapply on an annual basis to continue in the program.

Please reach out to Brooke Owen <> with any questions about this program.

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