SciTech Space Leadership Program

Practical online leadership training for aerospace scientists and engineers

The SciTech Space Leadership Program is perfect for engineers and scientists taking the next steps into leadership roles and looking to quickly upskill. Designed and taught by expert Arizona State University faculty, in consultation with industry, government, and academic leaders, this practical and self-guided learning experience will provide the critical skills that leaders need in team building, project management, finance, and more.

Accelerate your growth in aerospace leadership

This program consists of three comprehensive courses:

  • Leadership and Team Structure: Build and lead teams while navigating national, organizational and team culture. Define and develop your leadership style and become skilled at leading through change.
  • Financial Operations: Analyze and leverage financial statements and data to enhance decision-making capabilities and propel your organization towards its strategic objectives.
  • Project Management: Learn and apply the fundamentals of managing complex space missions and projects: scope, schedule, process, risk and budget.
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