Space Exploration and Sustainable Development

How does space exploration and development impact progress towards achieving the UN SDGs?

This project strives to understand how space exploration can support an equitable and sustainable future aligned with global environmental and social goals. This study uses the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)s as a framework for research that will inform the creation of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) benchmarks to guide the burgeoning space industry towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices at an early stage of industry development. 

Key Accomplishments


  • The Ars Electronica Festival Director invited members of the team to display at their exhibition in Linz, Austria.
  • VR Exhibit featured in the ESPRONCEDA – Institute of Art & Culture “Digital Awareness Exhibition: From Education to Social Impact and Human Identity”, June 10 – June 18, 2022, in Barcelona, Spain.
  • “Space Exploration and Sustainable Development” at the IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society 2022 (ISTAS22), November 10-12, 2022.


  • Presented a paper entitled, “From Apollo to Artemis: A product archeology study of gender-inclusive technologies for human spaceflight” at the upcoming Society for Social Studies of Science Conference from November 8-11, 2023  in Honolulu, HI.
  • Launched the Space for Humans YouTube channel on February 29 with a red-carpet premiere event in Marston Theater with 65 attendees.
  • Presented their CSR framework at the “Responsible Space. A Nexus” event in Washington D.C. on February 20, 2024.

Project contact: 

Eric Stribling

Funding years:




Team members

Eric Stribling


Diana Ayton-Shenker

CEO Leonardo

Matthew Robinson

Associate Director New Media, ASU EdPlus

Ricardo Leon

Senior Multimedia Developer, ASU EdPlus

Amanda Kehrber

PhD Student, ASU Cronkite School

Athena Brensberger


Lindsey Tober


Amy Manzanero


Amber Lucky


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