MARS on the Field

Mars on the Field

How do we galvanize public and private support for space exploration, an arena that can seem inaccessible to most people?

“Mars on the Field” will offer an immersive walkable virtual reality experience that takes place on the physical Sun Devil Stadium field. As users begin at one end zone, they will explore the history of human understanding of Mars.

Project contact: 

Laura Cechanowicz // DB Bauer

Funding years:


Team members

DB Bauer

Assistant Professor – School of Arts Media and Engineering

Games and interactive media

Laura Cechanowicz

Assistant Professor – School of Arts Media and Engineering

AME virtual and physical worldbuilding

Scott Dickenshied

Mars Space Flight Facility

Charmaine Farber

Project Manager – Learning Futures Collaboratory

Lauren Gold

ASU ​​​​​​​School of Arts, Media and Engineering

Planetary visor and JMARS AR Software AME

Robert LiKamWa​​​​​​​

Assistant Professor – ASU, School of Arts, Media and Engineering (AME) and School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering (ECEE).

Computer engineering, augmented and virtual reality

Mary Loder

ASU EdPlus Digital Immersion and Curriculum Design

Kathryn Powell

ASU School of Earth and Space Exploration

Planetary geology and rover operations

Eric Stribling


Victor Surovec

ASU MKRspace

Makerspace Consultant

Program Coordinator

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