Integrating Space in the Local Economy

What are the governance and economic structures we can use to best integrate space into a local economy, using the case of Arizona?

Integrating Space in the Local Economy will address the challenges associated with space commercialization in the state of Arizona. The underlying assumption to this question is that Space as a domain has been the focus of national sovereign interests. Until recently, the “commercialization” of space has been solely focused on nationally driven requirements in which privately funded companies render services and technology.  Today, the commercialization of space has the opportunity to expand beyond government driven requirements, under certain conditions. One of those conditions is a strengthened polycentric governance, where the different nodes of governance can interact and a variety of benefits can materialize both at the national and local/regional level.

Key accomplishments

  • Hosted an Integrating Space in the Local Economy workshop bringing stakeholders together to design initial solutions that address what Arizona’s place should be in the future of space.
  • Catalyst for the AZ Space Summit hosted by ASU in March 2023.

Project contact: 

Timiebi Aganaba

Funding years:


Team members

Timiebi Aganaba

ASU School for the Future of Innovation in Society

Jose Ocasio-Christian

Caelus Partners

Micah Walter Range

Caelus Partners

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