ASU Space Alliance

Multiple touch points with tailored opportunities

Who are our members?

Large and small private
sector companies that
are actively engaged in
the space economy or
seeking to enter the market.

Why join?

The ASU Space Alliance
creates unique connections
and opportunities between
its members and ASU with
benefits tailored to members’ goals.

To learn more, contact

Together, we can drive the story of space forward

Workforce development

01:// Curated student projects and internships

02:// Opportunities to host student recruitment events

03:// Support an Interplanetary Fellow

Product development

01:// Facilitated access to ASU faculty and students

02:// Services in the Interplanetary laboratory

03:// TRL project advancement

Business development

01:// Invitations to ASU-wide events and mixers

02:// Liaison opportunities with DOD and Space Force

03:// Spotlight on the Mission: Interplanetary podcast

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