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How can key spin off technologies from the space sector help advance new space agencies and economies?

Technology transfer is a key to increasing participation of nations and groups who do not currently have strong accessibility to space. In the case of these new agencies, which usually require the mobilization of government resources, there need to be justification of public value. NASA publishes extensively (NASA Spinoff) on space technology spinoff in the United States, but there is far less available research on this phenomenon in emerging spacefaring nations which need to justify related expenditures against other social concerns. This project seeks to contribute to an increasingly important body of literature on space technologies in select developing countries. Understanding the positive and negative impacts of space technology spinoffs and transfers will serve to inform government decision makers in these countries.

Project contact: 

Eric Stribling

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Team members

William Bauknecht

Undergraduate researcher

Rosemary Ferreira

Undergraduate researcher

Madison Macias

Graduate Research Assistant, Master of Urban and Environmental Planning, BSE Mechanical Engineering

Bianca Michaud

Undergraduate researcher

Theodora Ogden

Associate Research Professional

Eric Stribling


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