Community in a Box

Community in a Box

How do we start creative conversations around off-world community-building?

We asked people to imagine what they would put in a hypothetical space-community starter-kit: a “Community in a Box.” Building sustainable off-world communities will require every ounce of our collective knowledge, expertise, creativity, and imagination. We set out to stimulate conversations around what we know, and how we can creatively use it, to inform and guide the development of successful interplanetary communities around shared social norms, values, and expectations. To do this, participants from many different backgrounds were asked to think and write for a public audience about what they would put in a “Community in a Box”—a hypothetical, and even metaphorical, starter-kit for space explorers. We’ll even be asking them to think about the nature of the “box” itself, and how this in turn affects its long-term value.

Project contact:

Andrew Maynard

Funding years: 


Key accomplishments

  • Created a Medium channel with contributors writing 6-12 articles/month relating to human establishment in space. Read articles at Community in a Box on

Team members

Lance Gharavi

Associate Director

Andrew Maynard

ASU School for the Future of Innovation in Society

Project lead

Margaretha Bently

ASU School of Public Affairs

Timiebi Aganaba

ASU School for the Future of Innovation in Society

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